High and Low Storage

Low cabinets

Contenitori e armadietti di varie dimensioni in vetro colorato e piano in composito minerale.

Cabinets of various sizez, in colored glass and mineral composite top.

Freestanding drawer

Scatola in acciaio.

Box in stainless steel.

Basera bathroom desk

High and Low storage


Furnishing accessories in different materials and formats designed to be free placed in the room, near or below a top.

The highest model achieves good stowage capacities of textile and personal use objects.


project description

High and Low storage is a small group of cabinets expandible with other typologies.

Low storage. The first element is almost as high as a table, the container part is a horizontal geometry to be made in transparent, smooth material or with embossed textures, generally coloured and enclosed between two tops. It’s fixed on two curved metal or glass support or on a square central column. The translucency of the colored and embossed glass sheet features the project: It can be composed of an alternation of opaque and translucent panels to differentiate sides and doors of the cabinet.

High storage. The second element instead is high and narrow, it has two front doors that continue on the half of the side. Each of them can be turn at 180° completely showing the objects inside and in addition are lined internally with mirroring surface. The material is opaque, the shelves have integrated lighting. Small shelves are not excluded even in the door. The colours are bright and in contrast between the inside and the outside.

Trees. An open glass structure formed by a central support going through free rectangular and square shelves, reinforced at the base thanks to a metal plate. It can be arranged singular in the space or organized in groups with other elements, allowing to set up even with the coloured shadows projected on the walls and on the floor thanks to the oriented passage of light.

Freestanding drawer. Box in stainless steel with freestanding support. The last element is a shallow container for organizing items and products for personal care, resting on a metal tubular structure, to be kept near the tub or sink. It opens normally by lifting the top or sliding the internal part like a drawer, so that it works as supporting surface also. It can also be used as a writing tools and art supplies box near the desk. The long and narrow proportions in the top-view, allow to be suitable in small spaces.