Agave with a golden stone

Agave with golden stone is an example of the series of vases called Agave and this is the three dimensional digital visualization. The project began with several sketches and a dimensional evaluation, then in recent years it rised to compose some families with different themes and declinations, characterized by the use of figurative language. These objects participate in the construction of a research inspired by the organic realm, also poured into the design of industrial products.



agave con sasso

budino vegetale

arance e cestino


acquario e pesce piccolo

acquario e pesce piccolo

acquario e fiore

piccolo acquario e fiore

piccolo acquario

piccolo acquario 022 cilindro

bianco - copertina portfolio


connessioni al vetro come radici

The small group of vases and bowls Softonic was born at the same time as the one called Agave, published above. They have been initially designed like a composition of coloured ceramic strips that stick together around a base, as the desired effect was very graphic and inspired by the paintings of Henry Rousseau. The material has switched from porcelain to glass which, with its transparencies, better depicts the movement of underwater plants such as the Posidonia and the crown-shaped conformations of algae in the tropical seas.  Designed in several sizes, the smallest one, with the addition of a light, becomes a bright presence.

softonic mosso blu

softonic mosso

softonic light

canneto blu

canneto ambrato



bolle blu



fiori di bach

fiori di bach

fiori di bach

fiori di bach


softonic svasato piano e mosso

softonic svasato irregolare

softonic svasato arancione

castus citrino


come piccolo acquario

softonic mosso verde

softonic verde

colour slices

fette di colore

gocce d’acqua

autunno blu

autunno rosso