New Beba Light

luce per la notte • portable night light

NewBebaLight on - three colours
portable New Beba Light blue on cloud base - chargeable

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New Beba Light on - style life blue


product description

È un personaggio protettivo luminoso nato per accompagnare i bambini nella fase di passaggio al sonno notturno. É una lampada portatile senza filo provvista di una sorgente luminosa di intensità variabile e una batteria ricaricabile a basso voltaggio. Grazie alla qualità e trasparenza del materiale con cui è realizzata diffonde una morbida luce.

New Beba Light was created to offer soft, diffused light while the children enter the relaxing phase, before they falling asleep. It is a luminous character as a firefly with big wings. They can safely carry the portable lamp, without cable, with them anywhere and thanks to its technological internal system it can reach an energy autonomy of several hours. It is made of transparent polycarbonate with a rubber on/off button and dimmer function. New Beba Light has a supporting base to be placed on the bed table of children’s room and a low voltage charging equipment.

nameNew Beba Light
typeportable night light
materialpolycarbonate, LED lighting, 12 V rechargeable battery
dimensioncm 8×6 h 13
designMiriam Mirri
project assistant
photo creditCarlo Lavatori, Elena Datrino, Giacomo Giannini – Archivio Alessi