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    Column portarinfrescatore, portavaso, fruttiera • wine cooler stand, planter stand, fruitholder column, ground ashtray tavolino alto, portaoggetti, portatelefono • small-but-high table, stuff stand, telephone stand _________________

  • Aliante low table

    Aliante low table

  • Aliante table

    Aliante table

    progetti > Aliante low table

  • Aliante outdoor chair

    Aliante outdoor chair

    Chair that’s height like the dining chair but wide enough to keep a towel, bag, baby, small pet and other things close to who sits on.For outdoor and interior uses. ____________________________ Curved aluminum structure with round ends fixed to the backrest. Padded and grey fabric covered seat and back, satin aluminum. Panels of meshed woven…

  • Aliante


    A type of chair with comfortable proportions, consisting of two equal parts, seat and backrest and of an aluminum or wooden frame. Meshed woven cane and satin aluminum. Ceramic top table. progetti > Aliante chair progetti > Aliante lounge chair

  • Aliante lounge chair

    Aliante lounge chair

    It’s almost as heigh as a dining chair but wide enough to fit a towel, bag, babies and other items next to you and give those who sit a relaxing good experience. For public and private use. Wood structure, thin cotton canvas padding for seat-board and backrest or meshed woven cane. Other structures. Metal, maple,…