• Spacebimba al Moma Store

    Spacebimba al Moma Store

    L’orologio Spacebimba disegnato per AlessiWatches è tra le novità del Moma store di New York.

  • Spacebimba


    orologio • wristwatch Un’apprendista esploratrice viaggia fra gli universi possibili e immaginativi. An apprentice explorer travels through possible and imaginative universes. Kids Collection. Alessi Watches with Seiko movement. Produced by SII Marketing International, Austin, Texas. Photography Walter Zerla, Archivio Alessi.

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  • Spacebimba per Alessi Watches

    Spacebimba per Alessi Watches

    Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII), based in Chiba, Japan, announces that it will add to its Italian watch brand “ALESSI” a new AL23000 Series designed by Miriam Mirri. It will be released in mid June. The ALESSI watch collection springs from the creativity and imagination of the designers at ALESSI, and SII embodies them into unique…