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    sgabello • stool _____________

  • L1


    Hparty L1 setting

  • HParty L3

    HParty L3

    L3. Four sitting armchairs arranged to meeting and talking. Waiting for a departure. other models L2 L1 L1 L1 ___________________

  • HParty L2

    HParty L2

    progetto di sedute accostabili in varie composizioni • sittings system, arrangeable into various compositions. L2 HParty outline 4. V steel supports and rail fixed to the floor. While waiting for a departure or listening lectures and conference in open spaces. L2 Party outline 5. Modular seats placed close for lounges. U legs. ___________________

  • HParty L1

    HParty L1

    L1 armchair. Red color, just one central steel support, V leg. Slimmer proportions for the living room or meeting area. L1 armchair. Spider version for office and home-office. L1 armchair. X legs for lounge. L1 armchair. X legs for home. L1 armchair. V leg for the living room or meeting area.

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    „Di quel color che per lo sole avverso nube dipigne da sera e da mane, vid’io allora tutto il ciel cosperso.“ Dante Alighieri, Paradiso, XXVII progetti > HParty L1 HParty L2 HParty L3